I am passionate about self-discovery, growth, empowerment, joy and laughter. My personal path has lead me to heal injuries from my past, explore transformational courses, education on the mind body connection and metaphysical concepts. I have a deep self awareness of who I am today and an appreciation and love for my continual expansion as a human being. I have travelled down many roads to discover how I can honor myself and those that I am privileged to share the path with.

My expertise is on relationships, the one you have with yourself, your partner, your children, extended family and friendships.

When was the last time you Honored Yourself First? How can you be there for all the people you care and love if you constantly honor others needs and wants first?

How about your love partner, how do you honor them and your relationship? Your children?

Life may not feel like the adventure you planned or thought you had signed up for. For many of us unexpected challenges cross our paths and may shift the direction you were heading. What next?

You may have come from a home that did not give you the tools, love, and support you needed to navigate life’s challenges. Are you left clueless and constantly guessing? Do you have enough power in your life? Do you respond to interactions or constantly reacting to them? Do you spend your time and energy strategizing what to do next and then miss important clues? Do you want to awake to your full potential?

Is a deeper therapeutic healing what you are desiring?

Honor Yourself to release wounds and traumas from childhood, negative experiences, or even forgiveness for yourself on choices you may have made.

If you are committed to your own personal growth, I will help guide you down the path by illuminating new ways to see yourself and others, guiding your healing process and teaching you effective tools for thriving.

I am an interactive therapist who is kind, compassionate, direct, and committed to helping you find and create the path you want for your life. Awake to the adventure therapy can provide, discover who you are, open up to all the possibilities that lay ahead to have the freedom to create the life you desire.

Your vision will become clear when you look inside your heart            

                                                                            “Who looks inside, awakes” Carl Jung

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